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Folding doors in dubai

Based in Dubai , United Arab Emirates offers an award-winning bespoke glass service throughout Dubai and all of emirates in uae and the surrounding areas. We design, supply and fit high quality glass folding doors, frameless glass showers, glass doors, secondary glazing, bespoke mirrors other glass products for both residential and commercial clients, covering all aspects of contemporary glass design and installation.


The start can often be the end for projects like this. You have an idea, you approach a trader, and your dreams go on hold when they rush in with inflated prices and make you sign a dotted line. We won’t do that. We know what it’s like being on your end of the table.

If you want to know how much installation will cost, we’ll come around to work out the details but we won’t overstay our welcome. We won’t try to ‘lock you in’ to a deal there and then. We won’t even chase you for sales. We’ll leave you to it, go away and put the plan together, and send you the final quote.

Folding doors in dubai


Time saving

We Know how time-consuming it can be to find the best technicalConstruction Services compnay that are reliable and affordable. From booking the services to getting the job done, we follow a time saving and efficient procedure.


GlassRus LLC is not just known to be outstanding in terms of services, we have the most affordable rates that any customer will happily pay. No over-charged bills to worry about with us!

Quality & Trustworthy

All our professionals are highly skilled and trustworthy. You will be assured of the quality of service and the level of trust that our workers deliver.

Done Right Guarantee

We offer a 200% guarantee to our customers of not just getting the job done, but getting it done in the right way. Our purpose is always to ensure that the end result makes the customer happy.

What We DO

Folding Doors Dubai

Framed Folding Doors




Framelss folding Doors



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Glass Staircase



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Bathroom mirrors



Glass Balustrade

Glass Blaustrade



Glass Works in Dubai

Glass Works



Folding Doors Dubai

GlassRusis is a dedication company providing the folding door dubai and door company. After several years of fabricating Folding Doros dubai, GlassRus understands that custom bifolding techniques need high level accuracy throughout the design and production procedures.

  • Folding doors Dubai
  • Framed folding doors
  • Frame less folding doors
  • Moveable Partitions
  • Accordion Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Parking doors

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Aluminum Doors & Windows

Offering a range of commercial door and window solutions. We pride ourselves on quality products which combine high performance, durability & styls.



  • Aluminum windows
  • Upvc Doors
  • Aluminum Doors
  • Upvc windows
  • Pergola
  • Skylights

Glass works Dubai

We are providing wide range of glass works dubai  with thair products such as Framed Folding doors , Frameless folding doors Frameless glass showers and bathroom glass Bespoke glass balustrades for indoor or outdoor use Coloured, mirrored, clear and curved glass

  • Glass Staircase
  • Glass Rooms
  • Mirror Works
  • Glass Balustrade
  • Glass shower Enclosure
  • Office Partitions