Jumeirah Village Circle Dubai is a perfect place for living with a refined, modern and calm atmosphere. It is a community with well designed and well maintained villas, grand and well maintained parks, and stunning infrastructure. However, have you ever considered how to turn your villa into an even better one?In Glass Rus LLC, we have elegant folding doors and narrow slim doors that bring change to your JVC villa.

Why Choose Folding Doors for Your JVC Villa?

Folding doors are not just beautiful; they are also very practical. Here’s why our folding doors are a great choice for your villa:

  1. Space-Saving: Folding doors are less bulky than other types of doors, including even standard ones. This leaves you with more space for your furniture and the items that you wish to put on the walls. 
  2.  Modern Look: Our folding doors make your home elegant and have that modern feel that everyone desires. They can be in harmony with other modern day decorations of JVC villas properly. 
  3.  Easy to Use: Folding doors are easier to operate than shutters or doors that contain iron bars. Perhaps, you can open them fully to allow fresh air and sunlight into the room.

Benefits of Slim Sliding Doors in JVC

Slim sliding doors are another excellent option for villa owners in JVC. Here’s why you should consider them:

  1. Maximise Views: Slim sliding doors have thinner frames, giving you a broader view of your beautiful garden and surroundings. Imagine enjoying the scenery from your living room!
  2. Smooth Operation: Our sliding doors glide smoothly, making them easy to open and close. No more struggling with heavy doors.
  3. Energy Efficient: They are designed to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, helping you save on energy bills.

Case Study: Transforming Villas in Arabian Ranches

But to provide you with an idea of what we are capable of here is a project in Arabian Ranches, Dubai that we accomplished. Our folding doors and slim sliding doors were installed in some of the villas, and this made the appearance magnificent. This proved to be interesting for the homeowners, as the doors provided possibility of opening up the spaces and admitting more light. Furthermore, the design of the doors which was contemporary in nature was appropriate with the luxuries that go with the villas.

Why Glass Rus LLC?

At glass Rus LLC, client satisfaction and provision of quality products or services are our main priorities. That is why our doors are made of high grade materials so that it can be durable and at the same time look elegant. We understand the specialisation and requirements of the villa owners in the JVC area and equip your house with the right products that add beauty to your villa.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Also this time our folding and slim sliding doors have other advantages: installation and maintenance take little time. The installation process will be managed by a highly skilled team with the proficiency of fitting all the components. In addition, our doors have a very low level of maintenance requirement, therefore, you will derive all the benefits of our doors without any much strain.

Contact Us

We offer slim sliding doors as well as these fantastic folding doors and if you are ready to transform your JVC villa get in touch. If you have any questions we are here and can assist you in selecting the doors for your home.

Bring beauty and style in your living space with Glass Rus LLC now. These are the folding doors and the slim sliding doors, and they are ideal for use in any villa of JVC, Dubai. Enjoy extra room and light, greater functionality, and modern and sleek looks that come along with the best doors. We encourage you to place your order with us today to get the process underway.

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