If you have come to our website to look for information on glass balustrades to help you decide on what type of balustrade you would like there are a some things you should consider before making your decision. glass balustrades provide a barrier or handrail to stop the movement people for either safety or security reasons. There are many different types of balustrades but they must all follow the same regulations as outlined in BS6180:2011 “barriers in and about buildings” but in brief the balustrade must adhere to the following:

glass balustrades dubai
glass balustrades dubai

While staircase balustrades must meet a height of 0.9 m and a maximum of 1000 mm, the minimum acceptable height for landing balustrades from a finished floor level should be between 1000 mm – 1100 mm. The permissible loading for various applications range from 0.36 kN/m to 3 kN/m, while in special circumstances, it can go even higher. This number represents the horizontal load that can be applied to the balustrade while not deflecting more than +/- 25 mm.

Glass balustrades that have been designed and installed correctly are very safe but if the wrong products or design for the application is used it can have very serious implications. Safety is our first priority and all of our systems are designed with safety in mind.

With the help of our extensive supply network we can offer a wide range of balustrade options to suits the style and needs of our clients. All of our balustrades can be provided with heat soaked glass if required in the application, heat soaking is a process the glass goes through to massively reduce the risk of nickel sulphide inclusion which can cause breakages in the glass panels after installation. It is something there has been a lot of debate about in the glass industry but in our experience toughened glass is sufficient in all but high risk areas, or though it does happen, it is very rare for a panel to break due to a nickel sulphide inclusion and more often than not it will be due to poor installation and/or poor quality glass.

At Dubai , United Arab Emirates Glass Balustrades we pride ourselves on offering beautiful and unique designs, focusing on the quality of the materials and the installation to produce the best balustrades in the industry.