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There are many glass doors that lead onto patios, but if you’re living in Dubai. Then you’ll definitely be interested to know that there is a specific type of patio doors in Dubai called the ‘patio door’. Which is popular in the United Arab Emirates.

The basic idea behind this type of glass door is to allow people plenty of natural light to come inside. While also creating a fantastic view onto your patio. And many people like to make the most of this by decorating their patio with foliage and other plants.

The design of the patio door is such that it has very little frame made out of wood or metal around the glass itself. Which means that it requires minimal maintenance. As long as you keep the door clean, you shouldn’t have any problems. In terms of how watertight the patio door is, that varies from one product to another. Some are very effective at keeping out moisture and other elements, others may be less so.

While most Patio Doors In Dubai are made out of glass, some can be made using thick panels that may even include wooden or metal frames. While they may not look quite as sleek on the outside, these types of patio doors tend to perform better. When it comes to withstanding strong winds and other forces.

Patio doors are very popular in Dubai because of the weather conditions and their ability. T keep heat and cold out while maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

People living in other places around the world may also enjoy having patio doors. But Dubai is especially ideal because of its year-round sunshine.

patio doors in dubai

What are patio doors and how can they help you increase your home value

Patio doors are exactly what the name suggests. They are exterior doors that open onto a patio or deck, allowing you to enjoy your outside space more easily.

They may be hinged on one side so they can swing inward, or they can have two pieces that slide past each other. Patio doors are usually easy to maneuver and fairly lightweight, as they don’t have to hold up against strong winds or other inclement weather.

In recent years, the patio door has been surpassed by the sliding glass door as a popular exterior window and doorway choice. But many homeowners still choose them for their homes because of their benefits.

A patio door can offer a lot of benefits to you and your home. They allow for more natural light, which means you’ll never have to worry about not having enough light in your house during the day.

They’re also good choice if you love spending time outdoors. As they make it easier for you to transition between inside and outside spaces

  • Patio doors allow you to enjoy your outside space without feeling closed in. Whether you live in a climate where it’s hot during the day and cold at night, or one where it’s cool during the summer but often unbearably hot or humid. Patio doors can make all the difference in comfort levels.
  • If you have sliding glass doors installed on both sides of your home. You can open both doors up wide and enjoy cross-breezes, or open only one door to control the flow of fresh air inside.
  • Some patio doors are available with pet-friendly glass options. So if you’re looking for a friendly door that allows your furry friends access to the outdoors without letting them run away, this can be a great option.
  • Many people think that their house is worth more with patio doors, but this isn’t necessarily true. Professional home appraisers are likely to value your home the same whether you have patio doors or not. However, if you’re thinking about selling and want to boost your appeal so you can get top dollar for your property. Patio doors are just one of many features that can help you sell your home quickly and at a premium price.
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The different types of patio doors that are available on the market today

Every type of patio door has its benefits and drawbacks, but you can improve any version by installing a strong door sweep . A sweep is a flat piece of metal, rubber or plastic that attaches to the bottom of your door. It prevents debris from entering and moisture from seeping in without restricting airflow. The types of patio doors available on the market today include:

Framed glass: This is a solid framed door with panes of glass rather than solid panels. The glass panes are treated to prevent fading, but the door is still subject to warping, rusting or rotting. Clear glass doors allow maximum light into your home while lightly tinted ones give you a little more privacy.

Glass French patio doors: The main difference between a French door and a standard one is that there’s no center bar across the glass panes. The bar may be hinged or fixed, and there are typically two panels that slide into pockets on either side of the door’s frame. They’re usually made of wood but PVC options are also available.

Fiberglass French doors: These have a fiberglass exterior rather than wood to prevent rot, peel or warp. The surface is easy to maintain since it doesn’t need painting or staining, but you can also treat it with a wood finish for add protection.

Aluminum patio doors: Aluminum’s strength and low-maintenance properties make it an ideal material for patio doors. It won’t rust, peel or warp even in humid climates, making these great choices for homes in coastal areas.

Vinyl patio doors: Vinyl is an inexpensive, lightweight and flexible material that’s ideal for patio doors. It won’t warp, rust or peel and it won’t absorb moisture like wood does. On the downside, these can be flimsy if they’re not properly install and vinyl scratches easily. Patio doors have less durability than fiberglass versions but they are generally more affordable. Vinyl doesn’t warp, rot or deteriorate when exposed to extreme temperatures. So this can be a good choice for homeowners in sunny or foggy locales.

Wood patio doors: These are one of the most popular and durable patio doors available. They’re made from a variety of woods, but cedar is typically best for exterior use since it’s naturally resistant to decay and insects. While this material is sturdy and long lasting, it will require regular maintenance such as staining or varnishing to keep its stylistic appearance.

Fiberglass French doors with faux wood grain . These combine the low-maintenance, nonporous properties of fiberglass with a woodgrain texture that gives it a more traditional look. The textured surface hides scratches and scuffs while protecting against moisture, warping and peeling.

PVC patio doors: PVC is a strong yet flexible material that’s often used to make patio doors. It has an energy efficient insulation value and is resistant to cracking, tears, fading and rotting. PVC won’t shrink or expand like other materials and it will not absorb moisture like wood does.

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How to choose the right type of patio door for your home?

Patio doors are an excellent way to bring the outdoors in. They’re also great for letting light into your home and can be used as sliding or swinging doors. There are many types of patio doors available, so it’s important to know which one is right for you before making a purchase. We have all the information you need to make an informed decision. About what type of patio door will work best with your home!

You can choose from different styles such as single-panel, double-panel, French style. Bi-folding and more depending on how much space you want between panels and whether or not they open outwards or inwards. If privacy is important to you then consider choosing a panel glass door that has frosted glass inserts instead of clear glass panels. You can also get creative by adding decorative elements. Like stained wood paneling around the outside edge of the frame. The possibilities are endless!

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Installation tips and advice for getting the most out of your patio door

Adding value to your home by installing new patio doors is not an overwhelming project for most do-it-yourselfers, as long as you take the time to plan ahead so nothing gets left out or forgotten. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Step #1: Choose your door style and type

There are two main types of patio doors available: hinged and sliding. Hinged doors swing open like regular exterior doors, while sliding patio doors move along a track much like sliding glass doors do. Each has its pros and cons, so you may want to consider your family’s lifestyle and how you use your home space before choosing one type over the other.

Sheer curtains are also an option for covering patio doors. Though they don’t provide as much privacy or protection from wind and rain as do regular drapes or blinds. Consider installing some sort of window treatment if you choose hinged doors. Because you probably won’t be able to close them in cold weather.

Step #2: Measure your door and mark the opening

If you already have a patio door installed. Use a tape measure to get an accurate measurement of the width and height of your existing door before heading to the home improvement store. If you’re removing one door and replacing it with another, your old door may already have these measurements stenciled on the frame. So use a pencil to transfer them to the new door.

Step #3: Buy the necessary materials

Before you go shopping, make sure you have a tape measure and pencil or marker on hand, so you’ll be able to take all measurements accurately. You’ll also need patio door installation supplies like shims, nails, hinges, weather stripping, a drill and a level.

Step #4: Install the door frame

If your new patio door has been precut to fit your opening, use a level to double check that the frame is level before beginning installation. Mark the position of the top and side hinges with a pencil, then use your drill to install them into place.

Don’t fully tighten the screws yet; you may need to make some minor adjustments before installation is complete. If your patio door has adjustable screw holes like most do. Now is also a good time to check their positioning and adjust as needed.

Step #5: Secure the hinges and install the door

Once your frame is level and secure, you can begin installing the door itself. Begin by setting it face up on a flat surface and attaching the top hinge to the frame using screws or bolts. If needed, use shims to help align any joints that don’t fit together well.

Step #6: Install weather stripping and caulk around the door

Weather stripping around the door frame helps to keep cold and moist air from seeping into your home. You can purchase it at most hardware stores, or use an old credit card to apply it after cutting out a piece of rubber about an inch longer than your opening. Caulk should be applied along all outside seams before installation is complete so that no water can get in, either.

Step #7: Add a door sweep to the bottom of the door

A patio door sweep helps keep bugs and other pests from entering your home through the crack under your door. You can buy one or make your own with a piece of rubber cut from an old car’s brake line. If you make a sweep yourself, make sure it fits tightly along the sides of the door and attaches securely with screws.

Step #8: Install interior molding

If needed for installation purposes or to help secure an old exterior door that’s being replaced, you can temporarily remove your home’s interior molding. Once installation is complete, you’ll want to replace it to make your newly installed patio door look more finished.

Step #9: Trim the exterior frame

If you still have excess drywall or siding after installation, use a power saw to trim away enough material for the door to fit perfectly. It doesn’t matter if the hole is larger than necessary after installation. Because you’ll be caulking and weather stripping it to minimize drafts.

Step #10: Trim the interior of your home

It’s usually best to install your new patio door first. Because that can often help you determine what changes need to be made on the inside of your home.

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Why Folding Doors in Dubai

Benefits of having a patio door in your home

  • Patio doors are a great source of natural light for homes
  • These doors can increase your home’s value
  • patio doors provide a way to escape the inside and enjoy the outside from inside your house
  • They can provide easy access to a backyard or pool area without having to go out the front door.
  • Easily open up your living room to your patio for that indoor/outdoor experience.
  • Easily open up your house to fresh air and favorable weather.
  • It is a great way to enhance the appearance of your home while also adding quality, quantity and value to your home.
  • Patio doors are good for entertaining – they allow you to extend the party outside without moving too far from your guests.
  • They can be very sturdy and durable as well as energy efficient depending on the type of door that is installed.
  • Patio doors can also be functional by giving you access to the outdoors while keeping bugs and other animals out, they also provide security for all your home’s entrances.
  • Thanks to patio doors, you can get the best of both worlds; indoor and outdoor living.
  • It make easy to enjoy your surroundings while indoors enjoying the comforts of air conditioning or heating.

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Where to buy quality patio doors in Dubai

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