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Glass Rooms In Dubai

On a visit to Dubai, I was very excited to go look at a glass-bottomed swimming pool. For those of you who have never heard about this before. Glass rooms in  Dubai it is literally a swimming pool where the floor is made out of glass – hence the name “glass bottomed” – so that you can see all the way through it. I went with my mom’s colleague, who had been there before and wanted to show us that.


The first sight of it is just awesome – you look down from this lounging area. Which is half on the roof and half over water (with a glass floor) and you see the pool below, only 5 meters or so down. Of course, being glass. It can also be used as a normal pool – and that’s exactly what the men who were there that day had been doing. They were all in swimsuits and one of them was enjoying a good time by jumping off the edge of the lounging area into the water below.



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What are glass rooms and what are they used for

A glass room is a modern addition to any home. They are also known as atrium rooms, conservatories, winter gardens and sunrooms. A glass room can be attached to the exterior or interior of your house depending on its design. Most often it is placed onto the side of homes for light and warmth during colder months (similar to how you would use a greenhouse). Some rooms are free standing and can be placed anywhere inside or outside of your house.

A glass room will include windows and doors to match the style and design of your home. And can be installed with special windows and doors to keep out the colder winds. If you wish, they can include insulation and underfloor heating for comfort during winter months. Some buildings will have a double story glass room so that people may walk upstairs if they require more standing room.

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The benefits of having a glass room in your home

        There is something special about a house with a glass room.  It feels like the home is completely opened up and all parts of it can be seen, even when you’re in another part of the house.  A glass room also lets in more natural light than other rooms do and that makes everyone feel happier. Which can boost their mood during the day.  Further, a glass room is also more energy efficient than other rooms are because of the amount of natural light that gets inside.

Read on for more benefits of having a glass room in your home…

Houses with glass walls are more environmentally friendly

Having a glass room in your house can make it easier to reduce your carbon footprint. Because the glass room allows for more natural light to get inside.  This lessens the need for artificial lighting and in turn, lessens the amount of energy needed in order to create that lighting. This is why houses with glass rooms are considered “more environmentally friendly” than other houses.   

A glass room is good for your health

Another benefit of having a glass walls in your home is that it helps to improve people’s moods.  Since natural light enters the house more easily, it creates a happier atmosphere throughout the entire building. Not only does this help you feel better during the day, but studies have shown that exposing yourself to more natural light can even boost your health in the long run.  

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How to choose the right glass room for your needs

What is a glass room? It’s an interior area surrounded by walls and ceiling made of glass, with minimum floor space – no more than 10 square meters – and maximum height – not exceeding 3 meters. Glass rooms can be used as:

These spaces are very flexible and suit all types of interiors, conveying a sense of openness. They are usually available in open floor plans, but can also be enclose with glass walls for more privacy or to segment work spaces.

Glass rooms offer great views and come in different categories:

Storefronts – can open or close, either manually or electronically. They are suitable if you’d like to create a retail space for your business. Their biggest disadvantage is that they’re expensive because of technical installations require. As well as the cost of maintenance and electricity usage.

Showers – offer a transparent visual effect by allowing light to enter from above, below or both, unlike opaque glass rooms. They are less expensive than storefronts but still pricey, as they require waterproof walls and advance installations such as lights and ventilators.

Balconies – function just like their name suggests. They are best for single rooms because the feeling is incomplete if you don’t have any outdoor space. Expensive like other types of glass walls, but come with higher quality material and insulation since they’re meant to be heat-resistant.

Temporary structures – can be built in few hours or days without causing damage to the existing architecture, and dismantled just as easily once the specific event is over. Affordable and easy to install – perfect for hotel suites, meeting rooms and large retailers with changing needs.

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Installation tips for glass rooms

1.The first step in glass room installation is to find a contractor that you trust and can work with. Make sure they have experience, especially with glass rooms as it not an easy thing to do.

2.Make sure your architect or designer knows what the final look will be before you start building so they can plan how much space is need.

3.The next step is to lay the foundation, which includes the base flooring, underfloor heating and electrical wiring. The base should be made of concrete or wood .

4.Then you need to frame the walls with trusses for structural stability. Make sure they are at least two inches apart so there is enough room for the glass walls.

5.Then you have to fit in the glass panels. The best way to do this is to use a customised jig which will help the process run smoothly and efficiently . It’s important that your room is air tight because when you’re dealing with something as fragile as glass. It can be dangerous if there are any leaks.

6.Now it’s time to fit the door and the window, which is very important as this will allow fresh air to flow through your room and keep it from getting stuffy. You can opt for a side sliding or a bi-folding door depending on what design you want .

7.The next step entails installing cladding, your flooring and your ceiling.

8.Finally you have to decorate the room with plants , furniture, wall art etc. You can also use blinds or curtains that block out heat if you plan on using the room during the summer months .

If you follow these tips when building a glass room in Dubai it will make

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Glass room care and maintenance

Glass is a fickle material. It might seem like an inert, inanimate object, but glass needs special care and maintenance to live up to its reputation of being unbreakable. Without this care and attention, glass can chip, crack or shatter at the slightest provocation.  

The good news is that with some simple maintenance tricks you can keep your glass objects looking like new. Let’s take a look at six things you can do to increase the life and vibrancy of your glassware.

1. Only use tempered glass with other tempered objects. The number one thing that will cause beginners problems is overheating their glassware during annealing (heating up the object to make it soft so it can be manipulated.) An overheated piece of glass will weaken and become more fragile. You can easily avoid this by taking a few extra minutes to make sure the glass is properly annealed. However it is also important not to place a cool object on a hot surface as this too will cause breakage.

Glass objects should only be cooled by other glass objects that are at room temperature. If you want to ensure the longevity of your glassware it is important not to let them come in contact with any other materials or substances like metal, plastic, rubber or ceramic objects. This means no placing hot wine glasses on coasters (which are often made of cork). And no placing your cool oil lamp on an antique metal stand. The best thing to use are specially designed insulating materials like felt or ceramic tiles.

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Ideas for decorating your glass room

As I have said before, glass rooms are the nicest type of room on earth , but that doesn’t mean they are completely easy to decorate. There are some things you need to consider before you just throw everything in there. For example. Glass is very transparent which makes it hard to see how much of a specific item you have. Let’s say you want to buy 20 chairs, but you can only afford 10. You place them in the room and then you realize after a couple of minutes that there are too many of them.

I suggest either buying what you need immediately, or planning it out so each time. You go shopping for furniture you take note of how many items of each item you have. It’s a good idea to buy them in bulk, but not too much of it at once. On the other hand, having too many items is better than buying too little and then running out of them later on when they are need.

Another problem with glass rooms is that there aren’t as many wall decorations as regular rooms have. I have a couple of suggestions for this too. But the first thing you should do is consider what kind of décor would look best in there. Here are a few examples:

– Wall hangings

– Paintings

– Photographs