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Parking doors in Dubai are usually used for parking garages, carports, warehouses and other similar places. They are mostly made of steel or aluminum, but there are some models which have wood doors too.

The main advantage is that they protect the goods from dust, water impact and sunlight. These doors can be locked with padlocks or with cylinders.

Parking doors in Dubai are mostly used for garages and warehouses, but you can also use them to provide security for your home. That is right: if you start using garage doors in Dubai, not only the cars that will be protected from dust, water or sunlight, but your home too. It will prevent men from jumping from the cars of your garage or from entering in it.

If you are thinking that this is not efficient, just keep reading! A person who enters into a garage with good intentions will not jump on the car because he could be accused for breaking and entering. However, if someone wants to steal something, he usually does not care about the locks and the law. So, a garage door in Dubai can be a good way to protect your home from thieves.

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How parking doors can help your business

Parking doors are extremely important for businesses that have a carpark. They provide security since they are not easy to break into, function as ventilation when the weather is hot, and also prevent dirt from getting into your building. However, parking doors can do more than just help with airflow! Businesses that have opened their eyes to new possibilities are now using parking doors for commercial benefits.

For businesses that have long periods of downtime, a parking door can be opened to provide a nice breeze during hot days – especially if they’re open for business around the clock! Parking doors not only enable ventilation but also redirects away heat from your staff.

If you want to provide a service to your community as well as gain business, you could set up a small stall outside your building and sell some food or drinks. Even if you don’t make much money from the venture, it’s more than what you were doing before and it’s beneficial for others!

You can also use parking doors to help with security. For example, if you run a 24-hour business, having the top half of your door open during the night can allow people to see what’s going on. When they feel safe about your activities, they are less likely to commit crimes in or near your vicinity.

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The different types of parking doors in Dubai

Parking garages have a variety of applications in Dubai, from housing vehicles to storing equipment. In fact, there are so many different types of parking garages available it can be hard to keep them straight. Below is a brief introduction to the most common types of parking garage doors either currently being used or being considered for use in the city.

Manual Sliding Doors: This type of garage door is exactly what it sounds like, a manual sliding door that opens with the push or pull of a lever. These are becoming less common nowadays as they have proven to be more expensive and time-consuming than other types of doors, but they can still be seen in some older parking garages.

Manual Swing Doors: This type of door is popular in some older parking garages as it is simple and cost-effective to install, but also because it allows for a more open feel to the garage itself. These doors require an opening of around 3 meters of space due to the size of the door itself, which can be difficult to work with in densely packed parking garages.

Manual Roller Doors: The main appeal of this type of door is the low cost, as it consists only of an aluminum frame that rolls up into place when needed. There are few moving parts and it can be installed fairly quickly, but like manual swing doors it requires larger open spaces than other types of garage doors.

Electric Roller Doors: This type is most common in Dubai, as it is easy to install, uses very little space when not open, and requires only a small area to be opened up. Electric roller doors are becoming more popular because they are less expensive than automatic or sliding doors but have the same low maintenance costs. On top of this they also prevent anyone from going into the garage when the door is open, even if that person had a remote.

Automatic Sliding Doors: These doors are similar to manual sliding doors in that they do not require any additional space to be opened up. However automatic sliding doors have a lower-profile and can be controlled by a remote or card. This makes them an increasingly popular option in Dubai, but they do come at a cost of around 25% more than manual sliding doors.

Automatic Swing Doors: These are also popular options due to their lower-profile and ease of use, but only require half the open space that other automatic doors do. However this comes at a higher cost of around 20% more than manual swing doors.

Automatic Roller Doors: These are the most popular option in Dubai, as they have a variety of benefits over both electric and manual roller doors. Like automatic sliding doors they require very little open space to be opened, but also have a low-profile like automatic swing doors. They come at around the same cost as automatic sliding doors but without the need for a remote to open and close them.

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How to choose the right parking door for your business in Dubai

Do you own a parking garage? If so, then you know how important it is to have the right door for your business. That’s why we offer a wide range of doors that are perfect for any size garage in Dubai. We can help you choose the best door for your needs and budget. Our team will also install it quickly and efficiently so that you don’t have to worry about anything!

You deserve the best when it comes to choosing a new door for your business, which is why we only use top-quality products from reputable manufacturers like Hormann and Garador. These companies make some of the most durable doors on the market today, which means they’ll stand up against all kinds of weather conditions without ever fading or rusting over time. They also come with long warranties so that if something does go wrong with them down the road, our team can fix them at no extra cost to you!

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Installation and maintenance of parking doors in Dubai

General checklist for door maintenance​:

  • Ensure that the door is not obstructed or blocked by debris, dust, vegetation or any foreign material.
  • Enforce proper opening of the door during ingress and egress. This prevents damage to the sensors located on either side of the door at the height of 1 metre from ground level.
  • Ensure proper closing of the door. This will prevent damage to the moving parts of the door, exposure to chemicals in case water seeps into any electrical compartments and ensures safety when opening/closing the door in emergencies.
  • Inspect for any damage.
  • Ensure sensors are clean and free from debris, dust, rainwater or any other foreign material.
  • Ensure there is sufficient visibility around the door when it is in motion via regular inspection of the surroundings to ensure that pedestrians and vehicles aren’t close enough to be hurt by a closing/opening door.
  • Ensure that signage is installed at visible areas around the door to inform pedestrians/vehicles of the presence of the door.
  • Inspect hinges and fix visible damages promptly.
  • Check all moving parts for damage or wear and replace as necessary (e.g., electric motor, automatic sensor, manual handle, door panel).​
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Advantages of using parking doors

  • Fix doors serve as a cost-effective solution for areas where the door will not be opened very often, such as parking garage entrances and exits. Fixed doors can also be used to control access to certain areas of a building, preventing any unwanted visitors from gaining entrance.
  • Moving doors take less effort than fixed doors since they are automatically moved out of the way as a person approaches them. They are also more costly to install, operate and maintain than fixed doors.
  • Canopy doors have excellent protection from the elements but since they must constantly be opened and closed, it is an ongoing expense to maintain these types of doors.

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Where to buy quality parking doors in Dubai

Looking for a new and innovative way to improve your parking garage? Folding doors Dubai has the perfect solution for you! Our parking doors are designed to make your life easier. They’re easy to use, easy to install, and easy on the eyes. With our folding doors, you can improve the look of your parking garage while also making it more functional. Our doors open and close quickly and smoothly, so you can get in and out of your garage with ease. Plus, they’re made with high-quality materials that will last for years. We also offer a wide variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect door for your garage. With our easy installation process, you can have your new parking door up and running in no time. Plus, our doors are easy to operate, so you’ll be able to open and close them with ease.